So you want to up your game huh? Well, this is some information that you might find helpful.
Here you will find links to various places that have useful tools or information that will help you with your game. If you have any suggestions for links just let me know and I’ll add them on!


FFG Forum
The official FFG forum for questions, discussions and announcements. This uses the same login details as the list builder. UPDATE! With the move of X-Wing to AMG the rules forum was deleted in February 2021. AMG will be providing their own forum but this is not yet available. In the mean time the best place to get rules questions answered would be the Fly Better Facebook group.

X-Wing Miniatures Wiki

Buying Guide
This has been produced by the amazing David Sutcliffe, a guide to buying into the game with a breakdown of costs and split by faction. Very useful for new players! (Also his blog is a great read, check it out while you’re there!)

List Building

Official List Builder
This is the official FFG list building app as provided in the core set and expansions. You will need to register to sign in and use it.

Unofficial List Builder
YASB 2.0 is a great alternative to the official app with a great easy  use interface and lots of useful features.

Points changes
One of the key features of version 2 is that point vales for all pilots and upgrades are changeable. FFG have announced that changes will be made twice a year (plus potential emergency changes if they discover something really broken). This is a link to a Google sheets file maintained by the Gold Squadron Podcast which tracks all changes.


Official Rules
The official full rules reference for the game. At the bottom of the page under the Support section just expand the Rules menu and click the link.
A web based tool to organise a tournament. Free to use too!

List Fortress
A website where tournament participants can enter the list they flew. Great to look at what lists and ships are popular or doing well competitively

Tournament Tracker
A Google Doc maintained by Oliver Pocknell of the 186th Squadron with details of upcoming tournaments (online and in-person)


Vassal is a free board game simulator which has an X-Wing plugin which is kept up to date and has an active online community. It is a player vs player system (no AI).

TTS – Tabletop Simulator
TTS is another board game simulator which can be purchased through Steam. It has an X-Wing module which is frequently updated and has become the most popular platform for online X-Wing.

Fly Casual
X-Wing simulator software which is regularly updated with points and new content. The AI is basic but it does allow you to do some basic testing of a list or understanding interactions.